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Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

Competitors have been known to go to extraordinary means to obtain the competitive edge. Your information is their power.  Your research and Development department could end up being their R+D department.

The bernes Group affiliates are professionals trained to detect, identify and eliminate electronic eavesdropping devices.

Our services include:
  • TELEPHONE SYSTEM ANALYSIS - The actual physical telephone system including the desk sets is physically and electronically examined for tampering. Also the local switching equipment is also checked.
  • PHYSICAL EXAMINATION - It is important to conduct a complete physical search with ECM equipment to locate the possible presence of active or non-active devices that might be in ceilings, overhead lighting fixtures, etc., many of which can be easily installed by employees or contract maintenance people who have access to the facility.
  • RADIO FREQUENCY SPECTRUM ANALYSIS - These instruments are used to evaluate radio signals to determine the presence of a hidden transmission devices. Also RF Spectrum monitoring is an option to use during conferences, etc., where the premises can be monitored to detect devices and insure privacy.

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