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Security / Travel Budgets – A Cure

Would you like your security issues handled professionally and confidentially without having to travel and have it accomplished more cost effectively than your travel expenses? We believe we have a cure for your budget constraints.

We are able to in most situations respond to your security issues anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours with minimal travel. The bernes Group will most frequently accomplish the mission at a cost usually less than your travel and lodging expenses. The bernes Group in most cases can get there faster than you can get there yourself.

Here’s how:

Over the last 12 years, the bernes Group has developed a network / affiliation consisting of mostly former FBI agents throughout the U.S. and in many countries around the world. These former agents are extremely professional, highly trained and each have over 20 years experience. They know their regions’ demographics, have established liaison contacts including law enforcement to accomplish your security tasks effectively,
efficiently, expeditiously and confidentially. Client references available.

Case Studies

Example #1

A Sunnyvale, CA based Security Director received a call at 11:00 from HR requesting him to assist in a potentially problematic termination the next morning in Atlanta, GA. The Security Director had the choice of booking a last minute flight ($1,800), flying all night and costing him two days time or calling the Bernes Group. Our affiliate was on site the next morning. The HR manager was so impressed he requested our former agent to assist in two additional terminations later that day.

Example #2

A Texas based Security Manager needed to conduct a security assessment at a vendor’s warehouse in Southern California; however, was hindered by a travel moratorium. The Bernes Group affiliate performed the assessment, conducted a crime survey and prepared the report at a cost less than what the client’s travel/lodging expenses would have been.

Example #3

Very early Saturday morning during the long Labor Day weekend, a Manager’s company vehicle was fired bombed in front of his/her home. The day before, the Manager laid off three employees. Within hours, the Bernes Group deployed a team to provide 24X7 executive protection, institute an investigation, coordinate with law enforcement and assessed the situation.

Example #4

A trailer load of computer hard drives were stolen in Northern California. On behave of the insurance carrier, The Bernes Group affiliates conducted investigations in Northern California, Southern California, Florida and New Jersey which resulted in recoveries in three of the four locations and arrests.

To find out more about how our national services can save you money, please contact a sales representative.

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