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Workplace Violence Programs

Violence is the number one cause for death for the female employee in the workplace and the number two cause of death for the male employee in the workplace*. Many of these acts could have been prevented through awareness training, early intervention and increased security measures.

The bernes Group has assisted companies with:

  • Training their security personnel
  • Consulting regarding early intervention
  • Providing additional security during suspected problematic terminations / RIFs
  • Garnering security resources comprised of former FBI agents, in areas throughout the U.S. and several countries abroad to assist companies with potential workplace violence issues at their field offices, etc.

Case Study

A Sunnyvale, CA based Security Director received a call at 11:00am from Human Resources requesting him to assist in a potentially problematic termination the next morning in Atlanta, GA. The Security Director had the choice of booking a last minute flight ($1,800), flying all night and costing him two days time or calling the bernes Group. Our Georgia based affiliate was on site the next morning. The HR manager was so impressed he requested our former agent to assist in two additional terminations later that day.  The security director was grateful not to have traveled all night, spend two days traveling and to have the task accomplished professionally for less that half of what his travel expenses would have been.

* - irrespective of the events of 9/11/01


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